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photo: George Hodan graphic: Martha G. Brady

photo: George Hodan graphic: Martha G. Brady

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This seems like the appropriate time to put this post up for two reasons. One, I wrote about gardening yesterday. Two, I’m at the beach with a group of women friends this weekend and having a lot of fun!

Yes, I had to take some time out to get my posts finished off and written, but the environment has been delicious. I’m living out the dream. I’m smelling the roses this weekend!

And I learned it all in Jamaica. I learned how to chill. It was not easy for this girl who spent high school in a boarding school…a rather rigid one at that!

How do you learn to chill if it doesn’t come naturally?

I’ve been putting into practice many of the skills I learned along those lines this weekend. If you find yourself doing something you enjoy, keep doing it as long as you enjoy it whether the people you are with want to do it or not.

Stop and enjoy the people you are with but don’t feel bad about joining other groups to get to know them better as well. If you find you are more of a one-on-one kind of person, find yourself one person in the group to visit with. If you tend to enjoy a lot of people, find the larger group you want.

But if being alone is more your choice, don’t hesitate to go off the beaten path and be by yourself. You  are an adult now. You can make these things happen.

There is a double-edged sword involved when it comes to a weekend like we are having now…or any weekend that is set up open-ended with relaxation as the key. You have a choice in how you spend your time. For some that means planning it out ahead of time. For others, it means being spontaneous and floating along, not knowing where you will go or what you will do during that time.

The thing is, we need other people. So in the process of chilling, we need to notice the people around us.

But take note of people around you. If you are a Christian living out the gospel, you want to notice the people nearby. There are some that are alone and may feel left out. Others may not feel included in the group and may need to be asked some questions to feel a part. Still others prefer sitting on the sidelines and listening in. Figuring out which people are which can be difficult.

Learning to smell the roses doesn’t mean just doing what I want to do when I want to do it. Learning to smell the roses means learning to find contentment in the life I have and the present circumstances I am in…whether I am on vacation or not.

  • Can I find the beauty and joy in what is happening now in my life?
  • Can I encourage people around me in their walk with Christ?
  • Can I make the people near me feel comfortable? accepted? welcome?

These are important questions I need to think about as I live in the present moment. There is a balance. Rest and relaxation…but not to the point of total self-involvement! Trusting Christ to help us find balance as we learn to serve one another as well.

Challenge: How can you take up the challenge to learn to smell the roses in some area of your life? Can you find pleasure and enjoyment of the life GOD has given you?

Can you find ways to encourage others around you to smell the roses and grow in their trust in the plan GOD has for their lives…that it is good and perfect…and that they can enjoy the life He has planned for them?

Can you find ways to stop and enjoy the people in your life…even if it means you must stop the task you are working on for awhile to do it. The investment you make in people is eternal!

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