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photo & graphic: Martha G. Brady

photo & graphic: Martha G. Brady

You may have noticed I haven’t written much about my “healthy” topic lately. There is a reason for that! I haven’t felt like I have made much progress on that front recently…at all!

Despite the fact that we’re trying to get back into more of a routine for Ron’s sake, it is a huge struggle. We have lots of appointments to keep. I’ve been trying to make no more than 2 appointments in a day so we don’t get completely worn out…but I try to put 2 in on the days we have appointments.  Once we are out, it seems to work better to do two. Then we can have some days when we don’t have any appointments. It helps that the appointments are lessening as well.

Therein comes the rub! Those are the days we want to sleep in or rest up from the busier days. So the routine seems to not get completed on the quiet days and we stay unhealthy in that way. His occupational therapist has taken on that challenge now and we are going to be living on a more stringent schedule in order to help him get the scrambled part of his brain unscrambled.

In terms of exercise, we are walking more in our apartment complex but rarely more than once around our block. We haven’t made it back to the gym yet. That may happen soon. It needs to.

I have some help on the way for food control I think.  I hope to get that in the works this weekend or very soon after. I haven’t completely regained the weight I lost but I look worse because I haven’t exercised since Ron got sick.

Starting new eating habits has to happen

Getting into new habits is such a balancing act! I’m told it takes 21 times to reinforce a new habit. If it is a daily exercise, it can be reinforced pretty well in a month. But exercise in a gym takes 2-3 days a week. That takes a little longer to get settled into a habit doesn’t it?

And good eating habits are extra hard to get put into place. Especially if you are making big changes in the way you eat…and we will be because we have gotten into some very bad habits!

Today (this was written a week ago) was another step in the right direction for cleaning out and sorting things. The lady that helps me organize, spent 2 hours working here today helping me sort, clean out and organize! I now have places to put things…and put them there. I have less stuff sitting on the floor. Not only that, but I actually threw a few waste cans of stuff away!

We are slowly lightening the load we are carrying through life! It still is heavy, but each time I work on it, it gets a little lighter and I find it easier and easier to think and remember where things are. I also find it easier to toss and get rid of things each time I work through more boxes and drawers. That in itself is worth it for sure!

How are you doing in developing healthy in your life?

Do you need help in the area of the foods you eat?  the amount of exercise you get?

the order you have in your home or life?

Is your life healthy physically, spiritually, emotionally, relationally?

When making changes, don’t change everything at once or nothing will last. Change one or two things at a time. Plan what needs to be changed, pray for GOD to guide you in the change and realize that He loves you the way you are…but won’t allow you to stay that way.

Change toward healthy is not done to make GOD love you more than He already does. He loves you plenty! He has already fulfilled what you need in Christ.

But it will benefit you. You will feel better and healthier. Your outlook on life will be more positive. That isn’t a bad thing.