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Being a life-long learner…what is that all about?

How many people have you known that got their formal education and you wondered if they ever changed or learned anything new after that!  I haven’t known many, but I have known a few!  It is not a pretty picture!

Life is full of opportunities.

Learn how to use them to full advantage.

In order to grow up, we need to continually be learning and growing…all the time, in different areas of our lives.  During some seasons, the growth seems huge.  We feel if we don’t stop growing soon, we will burst!

At other times, the growth seems imperceptible.  It doesn’t mean we aren’t growing.  It just means we can’t see it.  At those times, when I look back, I see I was processing heavy growth periods and struggling to make sense of them…or GOD was preparing me for a heavy growth period that was coming.

So embrace the opportunities to learn, in the variety of areas where you are called to grow…or where you have interests.  Grow in your love of crafts or a specific one, follow through on special interests, develop areas that catch your fancy…and let them grow.  Enjoy the giftedness GOD has given you and train it…learn how to use it.  Enjoy the gift(s) GOD has given you.  It is good to enjoy it…just be sure it is in its proper place in your life.

As you learn how best to relate to your husband, you may need to read up on ways to help him or encourage him.  As your child struggles with an aspect or two in school or life, find new ways to help her in her struggle.  Learn new skills whether they are ways to keep up your home, develop new recipes, manage your time, eat or live healthier or wherever the skill lies.  Learn it and develop the new skills.

Keeping up with changes in your culture helps you learn how to communicate hope to the next generation

Keep up with changes in your culture, in the ways people do business, in the topics people tend to discuss…Be aware of what is happening in the world and its affects on the world in which you live.

Learning will help you grow up.  It will help you be aware of the world around you and the needs screaming for help.  Learning, and wanting to keep learning is a life skill that will be beneficial to you and your family.

So wake up!  Learn what is happening in the world around you.  Instead of focusing just on the the people that include “you and yours,” look around you, read, and find out what is happening with those who are in need.  It will enrich your  life…and in the process, you will grow up!


Take some time to think about a few things you need to learn or have an interest in learning.  They may be skills or information you want to study up on.  Make a list of 10, no more than 15 of these items.  Then choose one to start working on.  

If your life is very stressful, I recommend learning something for fun as your first choice to give your body and brain a break.  Learn about that item or develop that skill until you are happy with your level.  Then move on to something else on the list.  

As time goes on, your list will change of course, but keep the list for yourself to work off of.