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This is a place to find hope…

in the person and promises of Jesus.


I’m Martha Grimm Brady. I have been married 50+ years to a now retired pastor and have 3 grown and married daughters with 7 grandchildren ages 7-16.
I am a retired RN. We have lived in Florida, Jamaica, Texas and Illinois during our years of active ministry. In 2013, we moved to Huntsville, AL to be near one of our daughters in our retirement.

In 2015, my husband had a stroke. We are both adjusting to the realities of that change. It did not affect him physically, but turned some of his memory and awareness of time askew. 2017 brought two more smaller strokes. Since that time, I have struggled with some very dark times as I have watched the changes that have taken place in my husband. I have experienced being scared, overwhelmed and being broken hearted at different times over the past few years. Sometimes all at once, other times one at a time…along with many other emotions!


The purpose of is to find our hope in Christ when our circumstances are scary, overwhelming, even heartbreaking. Our definition of Biblical hope is: confident expectation based on the person and promises of GOD.

The categories (main topics) I write about are hope, who GOD is, GOD’s promises, Bible memory, Gospel of grace and all that flows from those topics. Whatever doesn’t fit there goes under the heading of Serendipity! For sub-topics, look in the tag cloud and click there or search a keyword to find something you are interested in.

So far, I have written five 31 day series that you might enjoy reading. Once this site is fully set up, I plan to get some of them put into book form.

**This is also linked to instagram. It was my first try with instagram.


Experiencing hope will take some intentional work, just as anything of importance does.

  • I will encourage you to memorize and meditate on GOD’s Word with some specific passages along the way. I will send one passage a month for you to memorize or meditate on so often that you will come very close!
  • I will offer you encouragement in GOD’s promises and in who GOD is as well as other resources to help encourage you in those directions on the blog and in the monthly newsletter.
  • i will continue to encourage you in the foundational truths of GOD’s grace. He is the basis of your righteousness. There is nothing you can do to earn your way to heaven or in any way ingratiate yourself to GOD. That is encouraging in the long run! Working harder doesn’t help.
  • I will encourage you as an older woman who faces some unique challenges at this stage of your life.
  • I will continue to remind you of the grace of GOD toward you as well as the fact that He embraces your frailty and brings strength, peace and comfort to you.


I post 2-3 times a week. For those who subscribe (free) I will send  a  monthly newsletter with encouragement and hope for you. I hope you will respond as well. (hasn’t started yet.)


You will find me on Facebook,( Marthagrimmbrady) twitter (grittyg), instagram (also grittyg), and Pinterest (Martha_g_Brady). Of course, the blog is found at


I remember my young adult years as a newly married woman who was learning what it meant to be a woman, not a teenager or college student anymore. What values from my upbringing did I want to keep and what did I want to jettison? What values from my husband were we keeping as a couple? What values did I, as a person, bring to the table?

More thinking in this area happened as we had children, raised them and the changes that came with each move and new stage in their lives…and ours! Hard times came along the way challenging beliefs and idols I had. GOD reminded me of Scripture memorized over time, He used older women (than I) in the churches we served and of course, His Word from all kinds of sources…preaching, teaching, devotional and Bible study. What a gift! The Church is such a rich place to help us grow…not always in the ways we plan for, but we do grow in the ways GOD has planned for us.

Writing on a blog has been my way of sharing some of what I have learned. The really good stuff comes from GOD’s Word of course. But how is it applied? That can often be a little more personal. I don’t know your specific situation. The Holy Spirit does. He will guide you. But other structures you need to have in your life to help are a good church home that teaches GOD’s Word; That offers loving discipline when needed (and that often includes guidance when you want it, not just rigid, harsh discipline in the negative sense); that provides an enhanced place for worship each week as well as opportunities for growth and ministry in your community. I realize not all of these will be provided by your church, but often they encourage you to get up and move out into your community in ministry.

For me, until I understood who I was in Christ, I tended to get stuck! Learning that I was not an orphan, standing on the outside looking in, but rather part of the loving family of GOD. It changed much of how I related to GOD, other Christians, and even the world around me.

Welcome to! Subscribe to my posts so you can be part of our little community. No, it isn’t supposed to substitute for your church!

Welcome to a Place of Hope

photo: Gayle Sankey Clegg

Hi! Welcome

I’m Martha. I’m so glad you came to visit. This is a place for women who are scared,  overwhelmed, or brokenhearted. One thing we can find together is hope. The Biblical kind that is confident expectation in the person and promises of GOD!

In 2015, my husband had a stroke which changed our lives on many levels. I waited the required year after to see what the final outcome of his recovery would be, and when the time was up, I experienced a very dark time despite the fact that he had improved considerably.

I began seeking out how to find hope for a person who is scared, overwhelmed and brokenhearted. Because I ran the gamut of all those feelings. Sometimes I still do.

We all need the encouragement of GOD’s Word to remind us of who GOD is, what His promises are and how certain our hope is in Him! It is not because of how strong our faith is but because of who the One is in whom we place it!

But let  me back up a bit and tell you a little about myself. I am a wife of just over 50 years to a now retired pastor, a mom of 3 daughters who are grown and married with 7 grands, and an RN.

We have lived in a variety of places in our years of ministry including Jamaica, FL, TX, IL and now AL near one of our daughters.

I’ve been blogging since 2010. This summer, I changed the name of my blog from to

Come join us as we find hope together in Christ!

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