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I bumped into this conversation between two of my favorite authors, Dan Allender (I didn’t recognize him without facial hair!) and Tremper Longman III.  They aren’t my favorites because I always agree with every word they say, they are my favorites because they always stimulate me to think in more Biblical ways about God–who He is, what He is about, what His Word is like (alive!) and especially, what it looks like to be a real life Christian!  (I love provocative writers…what can I say?)

Books of theirs that have been life-changing?

  • BOLD LOVE by both–gave me a different view of what “love” really is…often needs to be bold!
  • THE CRY OF THE SOUL by both–study of the emotions in the Psalms.  new insights for me into God and His attributes…He is much more bold and fearful than we try to make Him.  Definitely not the insipid weakling that some view Him.
  • TO BE TOLD by Dan–how to know your story…and see how it can shape your future.  Strong view of God’s sovereign place in the the story of your life even during the dark times.
  • LEADING WITH A LIMP by Dan–Gives an interesting twist on leadership.  You know how so many aspects of the Kingdom are upside down and backwards from our culture?  This is one of them.  It will challenge your view of leadership.  If you are in a leadership position and don’t feel able, this will be encouraging.  Maybe you need a new “style”.  If you are looking for leaders, maybe you are looking in the wrong places.  I loved this book!  I wished all the leaders in every church we ever worked in had read it too!
  • READING THE BIBLE WITH HEART AND MIND by Tremper–short book that gives insight into the living nature of God’s Word.  It is GOD’S Word to us.  His Word, if obeyed, will transform our lives.  This is not a book based on guilt.  It is one that will open your eyes to the truth of God’s Word.  It will be encouraging!
  • THE WOUNDED HEART Dan’s classic book on sexual abuse and forgiveness (and what that entails) that has been recommended by friends who have needed it tell me it was both difficult and extremely helpful in their journey.  For them, it was not a fast read…at all!  He speaks from the perspective of a psychologist as well as someone who walked this road.  He knows what he is talking about!
There are many other books they have done…together and separately.  These are just some of my favorites.  As you can tell from the interview, they aren’t dull, boring or put Biblical truth in the same old metaphors you have heard before.  Have you ever heard anything regarding God and your relationship to Him related to paper-training Him?  Only from Dan…but haven’t you tried it before?  You haven’t?