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photo: Seth Schaefer of

My name is Martha Brady.  Actually,

Martha Grimm Brady.

I am a 1970’s mother of three daughters, accompanying sons-in-law and grandmother of seven.  Caroline, Quinn, Walker, Amelia (Milly), Mia, Stevie and now little Anabella (2012).  They are the funniest, cutest, liveliest bunch of grands a Mimi could have.  I hate that I live so far away from most of them.

A little more about my life…

I am also a nurse who finally can enjoy collecting medicare…for myself!  2013 brought me the “luxury” of retirement. We sold our home in Tyler, TX and moved to Huntsville, AL to be closer to one set of grandchildren.

Most important, I have been married  50 years (9/68) to Ron.  He was a pastor when I met him and has been, except for our Jamaica years (7) where he taught at Jamaica Bible College.  Our daughters were born during our years there as well.  When our youngest was 6 weeks old, we returned to the US.

The time has flown! We have lived in Ft. Lauderdale, FL; Mandeville, Jamaica; St. Petersburg, FL; Miami, FL, Tyler, TX; and Hanna City, IL. We were back in TX for 5 years and just moved to Huntsville, AL. (4/13)  If anyone would have told me how fast my life would go, and I guess they did, I wouldn’t have believed them!

About the name Gritty Grace…

Grace is simply defined as unmerited favor… a gift I did nothing to earn and don’t deserve.

There are two definitions for gritty.  One is coarse, rough, harsh, or unrefined.  There are plenty of days when this describes either me or my life!

The other is facing life with courage, resolve, fortitude; plucky.  I hope this is the one that describes me as well, particularly as I am deeply involved in the seriously challenging years of old age!

When we incorporate these definitions, we see them perfectly played out in the life of Jesus Christ who showed grace to us, but in such gritty ways.  By coming to earth from the glories of heaven, He showed His love in ways we could understand.  He lived in the middle of all the grit, yet didn’t sin.  Talk about a come-down!  Wow!

His grittiness is amazing!  When we are wimpy, there is nothing about us that is like Christ.  He was the epitome of gritty.

Join me as we share this adventure called gritty grace.  It is just another name for living life boldly, lovingly and with the courage to trust Christ even when our faith is barely flickering.

The main topics we discuss in the context of the grace of God are change, agingrelationships, gospel of grace, mentoring and to catch the loose ends, serendipity!  My perspective is a bit unique from most bloggers.

It is the perspective of an older woman.  Yes, I am the woman who has raised children who are now in their 40’s…and has lived to tell about it!  She has growing grandchildren…ages 6-15.   Her husband is still alive and fairly healthy despite a recent strokes (April 2015 and 2 in 2017).

If there is a Biblical passage that challenges me most at this point, it is Philippians 2:5-8.  It often challenges me with my attitude contrasted with the attitude of Christ when He came to earth.

How to have the mind of Christ that doesn’t grasp for it’s privileges and entitlements?  It is always a challenge when living a life of gritty grace.

Come join us as we grow in grace and truth, together!

I’m challenged to write to the woman who would read my blog. I’m writing to the woman who is scared, overwhelmed or brokenhearted. You are going through a hard time right now. It is a time when you will learn to trust GOD in new ways compared to your past. So join me as we see what GOD has to teach us as you walk through this difficult time.

I welcome comments, even they don’t always agree with me.