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light teal background with "thank you for your support" on foreground and multicolored triangles like the flying geese quilt pattern for trim.

Graphics by Martha G. Brady

This past week, I sent out a short newsletter to my subscribed readers. This is not a super exclusive group. Anyone who wants to subscribe (free) can. For the past few years I have been writing this blog, I have wanted to send out a newsletter occasionally, but the tech complications have delayed me from getting it done. To say I have spent hours on it, is no understatement!

Finally, this past week, I decided to get it done, even if it wasn’t done as perfectly as I would have liked. As it turned out, I messed up a link or two, but life went on and we all survived. I’m really glad I got it sent out. I included a very short survey that had about 3 questions in it. I tried to make it easy for you to navigate.

Thanks for participating in the survey or doing so if you haven’t already

A little over 50% of you have opened the newsletters. I so appreciate that. I also appreciate the responses I have received as well. If you haven’t responded to the survey, I would love to get more responses, positive, negative or anything in between. It really helps me to plan my series that are coming up. If you don’t want to fill in the survey, just send an email to me and give me the parts of the info you want to give. The feedback I get is so helpful. You have no idea.

Until now, I have felt like I was working blind. The responses I have received have been very helpful in helping me understand what you need and often helped me realize some of my guesses on what you needed were correct. But hearing the news from you helps me immensely!

I have also developed a gift page for my subscribers that you can help yourself to. I will add new items as they are developed. So feel free to check out that page every so often.

Thanks for the personal notes some of you sent. I enjoyed hearing from you. I don’t want to overdo newsletters. But I’ll probably send another one before the year is out now that I have done my first one.