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We learn from GOD's Word the facts of who GOD is and what His promises to us are. But the hard knocks of life teach us more about how to hope in GOD in real life. #hopeinGOD #joyinthejourney #marthagrimmbrady

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Remember, our hope needs to be in GOD…who He is and the certainty of HIs promises. We need to hope in Him for the present as well as the future.

As we know more of who He is as revealed in His Word, we know facts about him. We learn many of His promises as we read His Word as well. But it takes living through hard times to cement those facts into our gut! As we go through hard times, we come to know various aspects of GOD through those life. ¬†Maybe it is His dependability…being our Rock. Or we may experience His love in ways we never expected. Once we go through those times, the facts we knew in our heads, move to our hearts.

As time goes on, our view of what being a Christian is, tends to be quite different than it once was. It looks very different with each hard time that give texture to this life we began with Jesus. It is full of hope but it is not a life with an easy path. It is from those bumps and hard places that we learn and grow the most. It is because of our hope in GOD that we will praise Him again.

PS. I’ll just add a note here today. I have been doing a bunch of development work on my blog to make it a place where I can serve you all better. It has taken a lot of brain and soul power. I am also learning some things about styles and colors that I like for my posts and for the blog so for a bit there will be a mish-mash of things as I try some things out. Bear with me. Tell me if there are things you love or hate. If there are topics you want more of or less of, let me know. It will let me know I’m on the right track for what you need. Thanks, Martha