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It occurs to me that within the group of readers I have, some of you have more specific interests. As I visit with you, and visit with other bloggers, I’m finding out how others set up their blogs to meet the needs of their readers. I’m going to give this a try. Let me know how it works for you. The more feedback I get, the better. Nothing is set in concrete. I can always change things around to meet your needs.

Mondays will be for the stream From Invisible to Embraced.

I’m going to have certain days to blog in certain interest areas. Mondays will be along the lines of reminding us that we have moved From Invisible to Embraced. These will be encouraging posts. Sometimes weekends can be restful and fun, at others, they are lonely and sad. Sometimes we are out with others and have been beaten down by words and they bounce around in our heads. Mondays will be here to get you back on track to remind you that you are embraced by the most important Person, Jesus! He is the One who knows everything about you, good and bad, and still loves you and embraces you.

Wednesdays will be for the stream Notes for Caregivers.

Wednesdays will be for caregivers. It will be called Notes for Caregivers. No matter who you are, we will have tips and encouragement for you as well as help from you all as well. Some of you are caring for your child with something as “simple” as ADHD which I realize is not really all that simple. Others are caring with children with severe physical impairments that show every time you walk down the street with them.

Others of us care for spouses or parents in our homes. Still others have family members in nursing homes because their care involves more than we can give at the present time on our own and because of needs in the life of our family. There is no choice that is more Christian. We simply have to asses what is better for us and our family at a given time, given the resources we have. Then we go from there. As we pray for GOD’s guidance and discuss it with our spouse (if we have one), He will show us the way to go.

Fridays will be for the stream Hope for the Journey.

Fridays will be for our everyday lives. It will be called Hope for the Journey. Each week, we will talk more generally about our Christian walk as we hope in GOD. What is GOD like? What has He promised? These are things that will be in the Friday section because they feed our hope.

Future developments

I expect to be developing my pinterest page. It’s a mess right now. It will reflect these three streams as well as some others. I will link you to the places as they are shaped up.

Some of you don’t know what I’m talking about. That’s okay. Pick the days you want to follow. Then enjoy! It will be a process. I’m working on it. I’ll keep you updated as changes and resources are available.