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Welcome to a new 28 series titled From Invisible to Embraced! Think of the joy of being embraced by your heavenly Father! During the next month, we will consider what it is like to be invisible in a culture where regular women were invisible at best, but some women were more invisible because of other factors. When they met Jesus, they were embraced in ways they never had been before! They were used to being treated as someone without value. Or if they had any, it was simply to satisfy mens’ lust. But Jesus met them at their point of need and they were changed completely!

We will meet some of these women and find out what happened to them when they met Jesus. How did their lives change when He embraced them?

If you have already met Jesus, how has it affected you?

I don’t mean in an intellectual way. I mean in an everyday, nitty-gritty way? How has it affected you when you are having hard times? How has it affected you when things look dark? What about when things make absolutely no sense? How about when things are going well?

We are going to be talking about what it means to be a Christian when life is going the way you planned, or you are aging and becoming more aware of your weakness and the future is not looking as hopeful as it once did…or a host of other issues.

Do you feel invisible? What would it be like to be embraced? How does GOD embrace us? It should be an interesting month ahead. Come join me. Feel free to subscribe and each new post will arrive by email…if my technology works correctly. If it doesn’t, let me know.

Blessings to all of you as we take this challenge this month.