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II Chronicles 7:14

Photo by Andre Benz on Unsplash

Part I Listen   Part II Humble Yourself

Our prayers are needed to realize GOD is needed to change the dynamic in our nation.

I’m becoming more and more convinced that there is one main solution to this problem. I think the days of coming together over politics may be over…at least by discussion. I think we are going to spend more time praying for the political situation in our country. There are many scars. As we listen to the pain in our country, we hear women talk of their pain. Some are quite strident for sure, but it is often for good reason. Many have abuse and mistreatment in their histories. There is no question, that pain is horrible. But no matter how awful the pain of sexual abuse and rape, an accusation does not make it true in every instance. Each accusation must be examined. There are too many pieces to the problem. That is why there are trained people who do this for a living.

We have scars from race, poverty, immigration and simple and complex sin and injustice in our culture. Christ’s reconciliation is needed for all of us in places we haven’t yet thought about!

Or the issues of race: there are many that have been disenfranchised over the years because of their race. Many were not allowed to vote long after they were supposed to vote legally. (I’m thinking of history in my lifetime.) And many of us in the church did not speak up. Yes, some did, but many didn’t.

We were too busy concerned about careful theology. It’s a tough call. We each have different gifts and priorities. Correct theology is important, but so is the way we treat our neighbors. As a denomination, we have been grappling with this very issue in the last few years…and repenting for our failures in these areas. Some say it took too long. That is probably true. But GOD was faithful to bring it about. Whenever He shows a person or group their sin and they repent, it is time. We can all be grateful.

Then there are issues relating to immigrants, the poor, the injustice in our country…and on we go. Many of these issues are humanly speaking, unsolvable. Praying for GOD to open our eyes to solutions, to move in our country, to work in our churches so we are working in our communities and not simply focused on ourselves? These are only a few of things we need to pray for. Asking that His Kingdom come on earth as it is in heaven is a good start.

Giving GOD carte blanche to work to bring about His Kingdom here on earth can be very scary.

Asking GOD to move and bring the change He wants is scary. But it is the way we need to go. We can’t ask Him to make one party stronger, but rather to make His Kingdom stronger. How does He want to rebuild relationships that have been fractured because of political arguments?

 if my people who are called by my name humble themselves,
and pray and seek my face and turn from their wicked ways,
then I will hear from heaven and will forgive their sin and heal their land.

II Chronicles 7:14 ESV

Action step: Set aside a certain amount of time, either a certain day of the week or a certain amount of time a day, to emphasize praying for our nation and healing of the many wounds that exist, tearing down of walls that are dividing people and bringing people back to GOD. Our solutions do not exist in any one political party, but rather in Jesus who can bring about reconciliation at the heart level. We need to take up the challenge to pray for GOD to work in our nation in this area.