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photo: Martha G. Brady

What do you collect? In going through closets and things that need to be in closets, I’m finding that I collect too much of too many things!

I'm finding that I collect too much of too many things! Click To Tweet

I’ve been going through some things recently…and actually threw a lot out. But I realize I didn’t get rid of enough. I don’t have space to store what I have. Over time, I have had many hobbies and learned a variety of crafts. I have cut back on the crafts I do now and realize I need to get rid of more of the craft supplies I have on hand so I have room to move around in our apartment. That takes priority!

Then I will be down to my main craft…quilting. Of course, it creates another problem. In order to quilt, I need a fabric stash…and I have one! Yes, I collect fabric very easily. I love it! I have a lot of beautiful fabric. But it really isn’t valuable to other people to sell unless it is made up into projects.   stop

Are your collections taking up space you need for other things…like living?

So as I wade through my collections of things that take up too much space, I need to realize I must stick to one hobby: quilting. All the other hobbies must be cleared away.

It has been fun since my recent cleaning/sorting spree, to have projects to enjoy. So I have taken the time to do some quilting projects. No, I haven’t made big quilts. It’s too much work and too much expense! But I can make table runners. They are small enough to manage and short enough to be fun! I’ve been learning some new techniques and short cuts that make it fun as well.

What am I learning regarding all my “collections”?

  • That when space is short, they aren’t nearly as enjoyable or valuable to have on hand.
  • That when there are too many collections that don’t get used, they get forgotten and are useless and wasted.
  • That I have dragged around a lot of “supplies” and wasted a lot of space having these supplies on hand for no good reason. They have not been used enough to make them worth the space they have taken and the cost it is been to move them around. I wish I could have figured that out a few moves ago!
  • A lot of my stuff was kept on hand “just in case” I needed them. I really haven’t used them and many of the things are now obsolete. Those books that try to help us streamline our stuff were right after all.

So, as a child of people who lived through the Depression and one who was strongly influenced by my grandmother who was probably a bit of a packrat, I must confess, the genes were passed on to me after all. I’m a sentimental packrat…and I must get rid of more of this stuff so we can move around our apartment and enjoy the actual space we do have.

How do you manage your collections that remind you of the life you have lived, the things you enjoy, and the people you love?

What about you and your “collections”? I don’t know if they are valuable or not. They may only be valuable to you! It is often difficult as you get older, to decide what to keep and what to get rid of, especially when it seems you are saying “goodbye” to so many and so much.

It is difficult to decide what to get rid of, especially when it seems you are saying goodbye so often. Click To Tweet

Now is the time to think through what you are collecting.

  • How much space is it taking in your life?
  • What is the cost to you in maintaining it, in keeping it, in moving it from place to place?
  • What is the value you place on it compared to the use it is to you?

These are questions you may need to ask yourself as you sort through your stuff as I am. Each time I go through my things, it seems easier to get rid of more and more. This is especially true as I realize the space each item takes up that keeps me from having space to move around in my apartment.