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The word for today.

It is so important for us as humans to connect with each other.

We need more than screens to talk to.

We need real human beings with eyes we can look into, hands we can feel and touch with opinions we can agree or disagree with and arms to hug.

Connection is important. It is deeper than simply passing on information as if we were simply human answering machines. Click To Tweet

Humans are not made to be solitary creatures. We are made to be in community.

Connection is important. It is deeper than simply passing on information as if we were simply human answering machines. It is more than telling what you did today or yesterday. It is telling how you feel about what happened. Why did what happened make you surprisingly angry or touch you in a deep way that surprised you? Why did the kind word or action of someone at a certain moment make you want to cry when at another time, it wouldn’t have touched you that much?

These are all things that connect us.    stop

Sometimes, learning that someone is from a town we once lived in or went to the same college or shares the same faith. Having children who get along well or are the same ages can also connect us. So many intangibles tie us together.

Why are we drawn more to some people more than others. Sometimes, we never figure it out. Other times, we realize we just feel comfortable around them. We don’t feel like we have to measure up to their rules because they accept us as we are. Those are the friends I enjoy the most!

It’s no accident that Eve was created. GOD realized that it wasn’t good for man to be alone.

It isn’t accidental that even in Genesis, we are told that it wasn’t good for man to be alone. (Genesis 2:18) So a helper was found for him. GOD created Eve from Adam’s rib. He no longer had to be alone. He had someone to connect with. I don’t think it was simply sexual, although that is a huge connection in marriage. But there are other ways we all need to connect.

Humans need places and times to connect at deeper levels than simply exchanging information…a necessary part of life. Sharing dreams for the future, goals for ourselves and our kids, hopes for the world around us. Sharing peaceful time, work time, hangout time, music time, meal time…all kinds of time that we share parts of ourselves that help us know and be known by others.

Some are closer than others, the difficulty comes in maintaining connections when we run into difficulty in our relationships. Learning to discuss differences, seek forgiveness and find reconciliation can be difficult…especially if you find yourself living in denial and not facing up to your problems.

We all like to feel connected…to our family, a group and to GOD.

It is great to feel connected…to family, to friends, to GOD. Sometimes my feelings don’t match the truth of how things are. Sometimes I think all is well and the connection in one of those areas is fine. And I’m wrong! At other times, I feel like things aren’t going well, and I find out they are fine. So if the time comes when I feel good about my relationships and I’m right, that is a good day!

May GOD give you the courage to do your part in maintaining the relationships and connections you have…and expanding them deeper and broader.