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photo: Martha G. Brady

This guest post is a follow-up of one that I wrote back in August from the perspective of the caretaker’s spouse. Mandy Farmer from Leaving a Legacy blog asked me to write a guest post on this topic.

Personally, I have my own health issues, mostly chronic that I have had to deal with over the years. Side effects of medications sometimes get me down as well.

I’ll use this post to discuss caretaking from the perspective of the caretaker with health issues. Often, you are the spouse of the person who needs help. Sometimes his (or her) needs seem all consuming, even overwhelming! But often, in regard to the care of your loved one, you see no other alternative than caring for them yourself.

As a spouse/parent caretaker of someone who is ill, you need to take account of your resources

You know the amount of physical strength you have. You know the demands your health condition demands of you in terms of financial resources, time and rest. If you have never thought it through, take time to do it. Figure it out.

  • What are the demands of taking care of your loved one?
  • Is this a 24 hour a day job?
  • What are the physical demands?
  • What resources do you have for help?
  • Are you aware of resources in your community to help you do this?
  • Do you have a good support system where you are?
  • By moving closer to family or a larger city, would you have more support?

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