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Brady weekend

photo: Christy Brady Smith

This past week, Ron and I celebrated our 48th wedding anniversary. In terms of celebrations, not the splashiest, but it was a great anniversary. I wrote a Facebook post that expressed some of my feelings on that date with gratefulness to GOD for the years He has given us.

I’m in Carmel, CA with my three daughters

We have been blessed beyond imagination! Now, I’m spending the weekend with our three daughters in Carmel, CA. It is an amazingly, beautiful spot. But the part that makes it special is the time we are enjoying together over food, conversation, games of hearts and remembering events from the past. It is actually a celebration of my birthday from last April. Making time to get away from their family responsibilities took awhile to work out!

We are laughing at the antics of their children, chuckling about funny things our husbands bring to our families (no derision!) and loving the delicious food we have had so far!

We had no idea what was ahead when we entered our marriage. Fortunately, GOD was caring for us.

When Ron and I starting discussing marriage all those years ago, we had no idea what the future would hold. stop There would be job difficulties, a stillbirth, and disappointments for sure. But there have also been many joys. Our children grew up to love Jesus. We had opportunities to live cross culturally. We had opportunities to live in different parts of the U.S. And experienced the joy…and challenge, of knowing people who are very different from us. The chance to grow in grace under both difficult and easy circumstances. Even illness, chronic and acute, has affected us too.

But underneath it all has been a GOD who has cared for us, been with us and taught us through all of it…good and bad.

This week, I am enjoying the extension of our marriage…that of our family that once was two, then five and now is fifteen. I look forward to the future of our family and what GOD will do for the kingdom through each one of our children, in-laws and grandchildren. What a blessing to have our sweet, lively, energetic, funny, at times, a little crazy, family.

I love you all!

As I finish this, sitting by the pool, there is a wedding happening in the garden of the hotel. What a lovely circle of life happening around us. Sadly, I haven’t once heard the name of GOD or Jesus in reference to their marriage vows. How lacking in hope for the future of their marriage and their ability to forgive.

Now I’m home and trying to get this posted. 9/27