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building up, racism, leadership

photo: CCO public domain

“Woe to him who builds his house by unrighteousness,
    and his upper rooms by injustice,
who makes his neighbor serve him for nothing
    and does not give him his wages,
who says, ‘I will build myself a great house
    with spacious upper rooms,’
who cuts out windows for it,
    paneling it with cedar
    and painting it with vermilion.

Jeremiah 22:13-14


We who are strong have an obligation
to bear with
the failings of the weak,
and not to please ourselves.

Let each of us please his neighbor for his good,
to build him up.

For Christ did not please himself,
but as it is written,
“The reproaches of those who reproached you fell on me.”

Romans 15:1-3

I wrote my FMF post last night…then I watched the news as police in Dallas were ambushed by someone who “hated white people, specifically white policemen.” I had to write a new one!

Earlier in the day I watched as black leaders went on TV and stirred up the anger in their communities more with inflammatory language. I have watched this happen in the past as Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton in particular, come alive in front of the TV cameras.

Yesterday, one newswoman even asked Jesse Jackson to be more moderate in his language, as he confidently spoke of what motivated a policeman to shoot a victim. Since the investigation isn’t in yet, no one knows all the facts of the case, least of all him. He refused. A broad brush condemnation of all police, when these shootings happen, does nothing to encourage and build up. It only inflames emotion and encourages people to act out in negative ways.                             stop

What does Godly leadership look like?

Is this the kind of leadership that is Godly or even positive? Not according to Scripture. There are some police who are not good, some who are incompetent, some who are racist. But to paint all with a broad brush and encourage evil people in their desires to rid themselves of people placed in our communities for the purpose of justice and protection? Or to go to another community that had nothing to do with the killings and attack their police?

These behaviors do not build up individuals or a community. As I have listened to Dallas Police Chief David Brown express feelings of many police, I have found that he expresses himself well. Men like this are worth listening to. He expressed both the sadness and loss of the police after the death of their friends. But also the frustration of lack of support by upper echelons of leadership in government when they are trying to do their jobs!

Racism is only one negative element that is happening in our communities. Other elements are gangs, evil, sinful behavior, people trying to cover up their sinful behavior, drug abuse, people abuse, and so much more.

Racism is only one negative element that is happening in our communities. Other elements are evil, sinful behavior... Click To Tweet

We need good leaders. What do they look like?

We need people with Godly leadership ability…and I don’t mean that they are spouting Bible verses all the time. Some may not even be Christians per se, but they exhibit wise behavior and are full of the kind of wisdom spoken of in the Bible. They are not full of themselves, but care about the people they are leading and what is best for them. They are interested in building up the people they are leading, not building up themselves. (see above: Romans 15:1-3)

I found it interesting this morning to hear many in Dallas talking about leadership and how it is desperately needed in our country in order for us to solve this crisis we are facing…one of many. I think they are right. We have too many “leaders” who are looking out for themselves much more than they are looking out for the people they are supposed to be leading. This goes for our community leaders, church leaders, school leaders, nation leaders and leaders in our homes!

We need godly leaders. They are interested in building up the people they are leading, not building up themselves. Click To Tweet

Good leaders will be building up in their sphere of influence, not tearing down.

Let us pray to the end that GOD will raise up the kind of leaders needed in our communities that will build up rather than tear down. That He will open our eyes to the ones who are already there working and leading in quiet ways that we didn’t notice, to build up.