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haven, home

photo: CCO public domain graphic: Martha G. Brady

This week, I have been writing about hospitality. I have come at it from a few different directions. One is from the perspective of a woman whose life was turned in a completely different direction because two people were willing to open their home and hearts to her. Their world views could not have been more different, but they offered a place, a haven, where she could ask questions.

They didn’t argue, or even answer baited questions. They didn’t attack her lifestyle. In fact, when they discovered about her vegan lifestyle and her serious concerns about the environment, they did not make fun of her, but rather, turned off their air conditioning for their visits if appropriate. (They lived in Syracuse, New York, so it probably wasn’t much of an issue.)

Is your home a haven for those who need to see what a Christian home is like? Click To Tweet

They simply became good neighbors. It is something I haven’t done well. I’ve needed to read about how to do it in books or watch how friends do it.   stop

I have done it right at times in my life. But many other times, we have wanted to go home and have our home be a haven for us. Ministry has often been very tiring and we just wanted to close the doors. That can be appropriate of course, but I think we missed out on some times of hospitality that would have benefitted others. I’m glad to see that all my daughters are much better at offering hospitality than I was.

Is your home a haven for those who need to see what a Christian home is like? or who need to be loved? Or is it a place where you close the doors and make it a haven only for yourselves?

There are times for taking a pause and closing doors for sure. We just need to be sure we make time for opening them so our home will be a haven for others as well.