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photo and graphic: Martha G. Brady



A new, fresh start.

If I get up early enough,

I get to see the sunrise.

The fresh dew.


I hear the birds tweeting as they fly from tree to tree.

The day begins fresh.

A new beginning.

It seems I'm being called to minister out of weakness instead of strength. Click To Tweet


Now that our children are grown,

The mornings are quiet.

Usually, I can ease into my day quietly.


In good weather, I love to go outside

To look at my plants.

What is blooming?


Are any vegetables growing?

Are they getting ripe?

Occasionally, I pull a weed or two.


But at this time of year, I can’t do that.

There are only dead stems or weeds growing now.


GOD has placed me in this garden…I need to care for it.

It is a metaphor of my life.

I like to look at the garden where GOD has placed me.

With the people I influence or who influence me,


I watch and listen.

Of course, I talk too…sometimes too much.

But I like to encourage and care for my garden.

It often feels very random.


But in the end, GOD leads and guides.

I wish I was more in order.

Since this last move, I haven’t been.

I keep trying. But it doesn’t happen.


It seems I’m being called to minister out of weakness
instead of strength


It seems that more and more,

I am having to minister out of weakness.

I would like to be able to be more together.

But it doesn’t happen.


So each morning, I get up.

I give my day to Jesus.

It turns out looking rather weird.

But in the end, GOD seems to be glorified some days.

I guess it is worth it.



***I’m sure I went over 5 minutes. I set the timer and it didn’t go off. Whoops!

*****For those who know me, you know I’m not known to be a morning person. But since Ron’s stroke, I’m usually up considerably earlier than I used to be.