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photo: Lucas Gallone, Unsplash


What happens in the quiet?

When no one is nearby to watch.

When the hustle and bustle of the day has stopped.

When all have gone to bed?


Babies wake up and are rocked and fed.

Their mommas cuddle them.

Knowing that this stage of life won’t last long


Later on, when kids are leaving the nest,

Women go through another Change.

They can’t always sleep at night.

Sometimes they have hot flashes too.


Once again, quiet can become a friend.

Names and faces come to mind

When sleep won’t.

They need to be taken to the Throne of grace.


During the quiet of those nights and early mornings,

GOD’s peace wraps around them as their thoughts can get a little crazed.

I learn to love the quiet when I can enjoy time with Him.        stop


Quiet is also good for me to enjoy thinking and processing my day

Or my life…

What is happening?


Why is this angering me so much?

Why is that touching such a deep place in my heart?

Why am I so fearful about this?


Quiet provides a space… and time to think.

Because I am in Christ, He is always there to prod my thinking.

He helps untangle the confusion and tangled thoughts.


He quiets the stormy heart.

And I can move out into the world

That is definitely not quiet.