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photo: kongsky at    graphic: Martha G. Brady

Wow! It has been a month since I have been here at FMF. I have missed this place. But I couldn’t do this and my 31 day series. I enjoyed doing my series, but am glad it is done and I can slow down a bit and catch up here at home.


I am very clumsy

Less than when I was a kid

but not by much!

I was pigeon-toed.


I tended to trip over my feet.

Most of the time I had bruises or scrapes

On my knees.

I was an unco-ordinated mess!


There is coming a day

When those of us who are part of the Church Universal,

The Bride of Christ,

Will be at that great wedding.


It will be time for the Groom to dance with the Bride.

He will take us in His arms

And dance us around the floor.

We, His Bride will look into His eyes

And will know we are His

Because of Jesus.


We will be dressed in Jesus’ righteousness      stop

We will no longer be that clumsy person

Who feels like a klutz.

Who often doesn’t feel like they have much to offer GOD.


And that is a good place to be!

We have nothing to offer Him.

But we are His and enabled to live like His Bride.

Beautiful, glorious, and covered with His righteousness!