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photo: weekly snaps

photo: weekly snaps

Go tell it on the mountain…

That Jesus Christ is born!

Familiar words yes.

But what do they mean?


So often we think, “Yes, Jesus was born a long time ago.”

Big deal.

But wrapped up with His birth was more than simply

The birth of a little baby.


It was GOD becoming man.

The GOD of the universe wrapping Himself in human flesh

In order that we might be redeemed.

In order that we would be forgiven.

In order that we could have a relationship with Him!


What did it cost?

It didn’t cost us much.

But it cost Him everything!


Separation from the Father as He died.

Agony as He bore our sin.

But in the end, just as for the mother in labor,

It was worth it all.


New birth came for His children!

Do we have something to tell to those around us?

You bet!