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Arrange. Balancing my life is what I need to have a good writing life. Good use of the Pomedoro Technique will help get free time, chores, & exercise in. #change #writinglife

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In retirement, writing has been all encompassing. It fills my mind and thoughts. Ideas for writing on my blog are never a problem! Ever. The problem is often corralling them, editing and keeping the rabbit trails to a minimum!

But regarding where I write, the most common place I write is on the couch. I have a pretty desk I bought when I started writing. I just don’t use it.

The most common place I write is on the couch. I have a pretty desk I bought when I started writing. I just don't use it. Click To Tweet

It is now cleaned off but the office still isn’t fully moved in. There are a few boxes that haven’t been emptied. If I work there, I have to look at more work to do!  I have spent hours and hours clearing out that office. Since my husband’s stroke, he won’t be able to finish the job so that is now added to my list.

Doing writing or writing-related work when I should be enjoying family time…or doing other things is a serious problem for me

Another worrisome thing that happens is that I am doing a lot of writing-related work when I should not be. I should be off the computer and enjoying uninterrupted time with my husband like I did last night. Or out exercising or cleaning the house or any of a million things!

I tend to go on jags like I have been this week as I am working on 2 overlapping online courses, this one and one preparing a 31 day series. I am writing my tail off right now!

It is stretching me in ways I haven’t been stretched. It is good. But a lot of things are falling by the wayside that I will have to catch up on in a day or two…big time!

What am I going to change?

I am going to have to develop more of a scheduled way of writing. It is so NOT me! I tend to do things is jags. I write in jags. I do housework in jags. I do exercise in jags. ( A few months on. A year off!) I do lots of things in jags.

But I see the value of developing a writing LIFE. I’m going to incorporate the pomedoro technique to get more exercise in my life…shorter but more frequent. I think it will keep me more aware of the fact that I am writing during a given period, not browsing the net where my rabbit trail brain takes me!

It will also allow me to make time to take off from writing and spend uninterrupted time with family as well as time for chores and exercise, to name a few. I can get a lot of work done in 25 minutes spent on housework! Setting the timer is great motivation for me.

Incorporate the Pomedoro technique to bring balance to my writing life:exercise, free time & completing chores. Click To Tweet

I also see the value and benefit of working at my desk. I will have to get that office in better shape so I can use it as a good work area.

I see the value & benefit of working at my desk. I will have to get that office in shape to use as a work area. Click To Tweet

I see I have miles to go before I sleep. But it will be well worth it.

Join me at Kate Motaung’s blog for day 2 of our series On Being a Writer. If you are inclined join our group and/or the discussion. We’d love to have you. The book is available there as well. It is a delightful group of people so far.

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