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photo & graphic: Martha G. Brady

photo & graphic: Martha G. Brady

there is a gift

we take for granted

until we no longer have it.


the gift of health.

not only physical health,

but mental, emotional, spiritual health as well.


physical or mental illness tend to get our attention the most.

we chafe when we are slowed down by a cold or the flu.

“why has God allowed this illness?”

i don’t have time for this.


then, we have the serious things.

cancer, heart attacks, strokes,

major surgeries, scares of all kinds.

we find we have to make the time…

to pause, even to change.


we pray and hope the really serious things

won’t happen…especially to our children or spouses.

we don’t want them to happen to us either, but when they do,

we are in something of a bubble…at least for a time.


it has been good to read of people

going through serious, terminal illness.

people who have a deeply rooted, Biblical theology

that doesn’t ignore the hard parts of life!         stop


it isn’t easy to watch them fade away.

but their words are a gift as well

for those of us who don’t always do sickness, suffering and hard well.


recently, with my husband’s stroke,

we have been reminded of what a gift physical health is.

we do take it for granted.


a few years back, i went through a four year bout

with sickness of the neurological sort.

the seizures wouldn’t stay under control like i was used to.

my life wasn’t normal.


i had no independence.

i couldn’t drive.

i was losing hope that i ever would again.

suddenly, a solution was found…after four years!!!


the gift of health was given back.

it has been almost 10 years now.

occasionally, i take it for granted…

but not as often as i once did.


GOD is good…in sickness and health.

in good times and bad.

He is faithful and He is a rock!

Blessed be His name!




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