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photo: canva graphic: Martha G. Brady

photo: canva
graphic: Martha G. Brady

I will follow you in sickness and health…

but a stroke hits…after almost 47 years of marriage!

you need to take over areas you haven’t before

areas he doesn’t want to surrender.

you are seen as a policeman or a nag.



how do you respect a person you love,

yet keep them safe?

that is a practical concern for now.

i tend to overdo the safety concerns.


i need to allow him the opportunity

to fail so he will feel respected by me.

it seems that is better than my protecting him

from making mistakes that could be embarrassing to him

but cause him to feel disrespected by me!              stop


yes, i feel like i’m walking on a tightrope.

i’m not alone. there are many others like me.

we are at a new stage of learning flexibility…

and experiencing GOD’s grace at new levels.


when you look at your senior friends or parents

you realize they are acrobats of sorts.

some are coping better than others

because of wonderful friends and family

who care for and pray for them.


others don’t have that.

they may need you in their lives.


But he said to me, 

“My grace is sufficient for you,

for my power is made perfect in weakness.”

II Corinthians 12:9a


What about you? Where are you learning to be flexible?

To lean into GOD’s grace in new ways?

To enjoy GOD’s grace in times of weakness…for you or your loved one.