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Calmer of my troubled heart. Jesus is the only One who can calm our hearts when we are troubled.Ultimately, that comfort is found in the hope of His return! #hymnsandsongs #CharlesWesley

photo: Martha G. Brady

Calmer of my troubled heart
Bid my unbelief depart
Speak, and all my sorrows cease
Speak, and all my soul is peace.


Comfort me when e’er I mourn
with the hope of Thy return
And til I Thy glories see
Help me believe in Thee


Words by Charles Wesley   Music by Clint Wells 

I first heard this song the Sunday after Ron had his stroke. Well, it could be I heard it before, but I don’t remember hearing it before that Sunday. I knew I wanted to share it with you at GiveMeGrace. It was just what I needed to hear that Sunday.

The words were written by Charles Wesley…a long time ago. I don’t have the dates in my head right now. Clint Wells is a more contemporary musician. I love those old hymns with new tunes. They tend to be a bit more singable, not always, but I find I enjoy them often.

Ron is home and improving

Ron is now home and I’m finally getting a GiveMeGrace post written. I’ve felt like I was slugging through mud, going back and forth to the hospital. Now, he’s home, but I don’t think that feeling will change soon. My job is to be sure that Ron does everything he can do, not do it for him…so I still have that feeling sometimes.

He is doing really well though. I must say. He is doing much better than he did, even in the hospital. He just needs more stamina.

So when you are troubled, go to Jesus to be calmed…by the hope of His return!

What could be more comforting?