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graphic: Martha G. Brady &

graphic: Martha G. Brady &

I had a plan for my week, specifically today. It included getting nothing done! I had an EGD done this morning. I had to be at the hospital at 6AM but evidently there was a mix-up somewhere. I know that a patient scheduled after me got to go ahead of me. I think there was only one.

A medical procedure done today…the joys of older age!

So between checking in at the front desk, waiting to be called to the special procedures area and actually getting in for my test? It wasn’t until 8:45 that I got in. Things moved rapidly once I got in the procedure room though. The anesthesia was great. I was under in a jiffy and the next thing I knew, it was 9:15 and I was awake in recovery. I don’t mean barely awake, I mean wide awake and alert.

Whether I will remember much from today, remains to be seen, but I have been amazed at how awake I have been. I dozed for a short while after we got home, but not long. I suspect that around supper time, I’ll drop over and wimp out. Getting up at 5ish in the morning doesn’t bode well for me this evening if I don’t get a nap!

So far, my day has worked out better than my plan. I’m not wildly energetic, but I’m getting more done that I expected for sure!

Bible study ending for the year tomorrow

Tomorrow is the last day of our weekly Bible study. We have been studying Deuteronomy all year. I have enjoyed it, but as a leader, it is draining. I’ll miss the group, that is just starting to gel, but I’m glad for the break. We’re going to try to get together over the summer for lunches.

I’m taking a class online to improve my graphic internet skills…it’s fun!

For the month of April, I’ve been taking a class online to develop my skills for improved graphics for this blog, the page on Facebook, Pinterest, and Instagram. I haven’t done much with Instagram up to now, mostly because I didn’t really know how to use it. Now I know more and am getting better at it. So if you are inclined that way, you will notice some improvements in the coming months.

I’ve decided to limit myself to those areas. They are connected some to Twitter, but I’m not a big twitter girl and limiting myself to 145 characters is irritating. I’m too old for that! So I’ll link to it occasionally, but not often.

If you don’t understand the last couple of paragraphs, don’t worry about it. It is blogging lingo for those who are interested. For those who aren’t, it is totally unimportant…and that’s the truth!

I will say that as I improve each area, I’ll let you know. Anytime you want, you can feel free to join or become part of what is happening there. Right now, those places are a bit like my house. There is some order, but there are also lots of messy places too!  Speaking of which, my organizer lady is coming next week to help me finish some of the worst parts of the house. I’m very excited!

By taking this class, I have been reminded how much I enjoy the illustrative part of things. That is one reason I decided to develop the instagram aspect of my blogging. I am very visual as I know some of you are too!

Fun trips ahead!

We have some fun trips ahead in May, visiting our other grandchildren and their families. It is something to look forward to for sure. Then, in June, we will be able to attend the PCA General Assembly in Chattanooga, TN. It is about 2 hours away and we didn’t want to miss the chance to go this year. We haven’t gone for a few years now and it has left a hole. Aside from people we see each year, we enjoy the worship times and seminars, to say nothing of new people we get to meet along the way.

Yes, we are retired now, but we don’t want to think of ourselves as “on the the shelf”. It will be good to attend. I just hope we will still see some people we know!

This turned into a miscellaneous update on all kinds of things didn’t it? That kind of post is good every once in awhile. You definitely got it today, didn’t you?

What’s been happening with you lately?

What do you have on the horizon?