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graphics: Martha G. Brady and canva

graphics: Martha G. Brady and canva

I had a wonderful plan for my day. Then, I found out it was going to be a rainy day! So I had to readjust my plans.

The original plan was to get my post written and my last Thursday Bible study done. When that was done, I planned to finish my gardening I wanted to do last week…but couldn’t get the dirt I needed when I planned to.

So, I had to plan my gardening around the rain. Once it stopped/slowed down to mist, I got my dirt in and mixed (with Ron’s help) and got the vegetables in the ground. They are now in.

The old herbs have been moved and divided up…my greek oregano was going a little wild! The new veggies are in and drinking up the moisture. They are now free to enjoy this gloomy day with occasional showers and mist. What a perfect day for them to adjust to their new environment.

Not only that, I’m not even going to moralize today and give you all the wonderful parallels between the gardening and the way GOD works in my life that I thought of. For you gardeners, you already know them…and more.

For the non-gardeners, you will miss out today on my lofty thoughts (tee-hee) and will be able to think a few of your own. Today is a day for brevity…and enjoyment of GOD’s beautiful world.

How will you enjoy it today?

  • Take a walk?
  • Smell a flower?
  • Dig in the dirt?
  • Sit on your porch and enjoy the sunset/sunrise?
  • Encourage your child to notice GOD’s creation around him?
  • Think of another creative way to enjoy the beauty all around you in creation!