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graphic: Martha G. Brady

graphic: Martha G. Brady

I know, I’m later than normal getting my GiveMeGrace post up. I had it all ready. I knew what I was writing about. But I couldn’t get my graphic to fall into place. I’ve been taking a class on photos and graphics. It has been lots of fun and I have learned a lot! I can’t tell you how irritated I was that this one wouldn’t fall into place for me. But here goes!

Saturday: I have reached the end of the line…of my 60’s! My birthday is today and this birthday is the last one in the decade of my 60’s! WOW! I know I say this more often than you want to hear it, but the years fly by really, really fast!

When our kids were small, I thought those years would never be over. But looking back, they went very fast. And overall, they really were fun! Watching children learn all about themselves and their world and GOD! It is so interesting. Their sense of humor and how they play off of each other is fun as well.

I think we were able to enjoy our kids. Of course, there are always ways we could have improved, but we did, given the jobs and limitations we had. The only reason I’m getting on this ramble is to say that the child-raising years take a fairly short part of your life (unless you have an unusually large family).

You want to be good and wise at raising them and preparing them for adult life. But this is one job where I can promise you won’t be perfect…not even close. You will fail often. You will have lots of days when you will lose your temper, be irritable, be unloving and unkind…both with your spouse and your children.

To think you will be able to be perfect at parenting or marriage is to deceive yourself. You are human and as such, you will fail. The earlier you accept this fact, the better. It has taken me too long. Our kids know our failings long before we do. They want to believe we are heroes and we are mostly. But our pretending to be heroes at times when we fail and need to humble ourselves and apologize? That is a way to become a hero in a way we can’t even imagine!

I’m starting to learn…very slowly with a new generation.

So, if you are stuck in a stage of child raising that is difficult for you, remember, you’ll soon be in a new stage. At each stage you get to build on the earlier stages…and make up for the failures of them too.

Just as GOD is working in you to make you into the person He wants you to be, so He uses the people in your life to do the same thing. He uses the happy events as well as the difficult ones. In the middle of these circumstances, few of us can say we enjoy it. But at the end of it, a few years later, you realize GOD has been changing you, your attitudes are changing. Still far from perfect of course, but change is happening.

It’s difficult to look at your life in its entirety. But it will give you a freedom if you can learn to do it. Your life is more than any individual stage. It includes all the stages…how ever many you get to live to. GOD has designed you to live to glorify Him in each one…and is preparing you to do so in the future.

As I finish my 60’s and look to my 70’s, there have been challenges I haven’t enjoyed. There have been way too many “good-bye’s” both to people and aspects of my life that I didn’t enjoy. But through each one, GOD has still been gracious.

This Isaiah passage talks about how GOD is carrying us all through our lives. It isn’t only in old age. It is from birth…but continues to the time we have gray hair.

What a comfort! What a blessed reminder. A faithful GOD who has been caring for me all my life...and will continue to…that goes for you too!

Bless the Lord O my soul and all that is within me.

Bless His Holy name!