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photo: bossfight graphic: Martha G. Brady

photo: bossfight
graphic: Martha G. Brady

Could I ever be good enough

For a holy GOD?

What is His standard for those

With whom He wants to spend eternity?


Is it good enough?

Unfortunately, it isn’t.

His standard is perfection.

No mistakes. No sin. No flaws.


It is the same standard He had for the lamb

Who was to be sacrificed each year for sin.

Yet He knows what we are made of.

He knows we are far from perfect, sinless or flawless.


Is it some kind of divine April Fool’s joke?


He made a provision that satisfied both His perfect justice

And His perfect holiness.


His Son, put on human flesh.         stop

He came to earth for 33 years and lived a perfect life.

He was 100% GOD, 100% man.

I have no idea how that could be.


He worked it all out.

During that time, He never once sinned.

In thought, word or deed…ever!

Then, in obedience to the Father, He died.


He drank the cup of death for the sin of the world.

Of separation from His Father…in order to redeem His people.

It was physically painful, but that wasn’t the worst of it.

The separation from His Father while He carried the sin of the world

And bore the punishment of all of it?


That was something we can’t even imagine or understand.

The agony of that was unbearable.

At one point, Jesus said, “It is finished.”

The debt had been paid.


Our redemption was complete.

The victory over sin and death was won!

The world went dark and the veil between the Holy Place

And the Holy of Holies tore from top to bottom!


The ability to talk directly to the Father was now our privilege.

This was not only good.

It was better than good.

It was awesome!


Now we could live with a holy GOD.

We could be forgiven because Christ fulfilled the requirement for us.

Sin would no longer have power over us.

Christ won the victory over death…

As shown on Easter when He rose from the dead.