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photo: Martha G. Brady

photo: Martha G. Brady

real: genuine, actual, true; not false or fake.


What does it mean to be real or genuine in our dealings with others?

Does it mean to tell them all that we think and feel?

I once thought it did.

Now I’m not so sure.


There is a saying, “She gave him a piece of her mind she couldn’t afford to lose.”

that I think is often appropriate and true.

Being real or genuine doesn’t mean we are obligated to tell everyone

What we think on every topic.


I’m often guilty of doing that.

Later I am frequently filled with regret.

Why did I even talk about that topic?

Or bring up this subject?

It wasn’t necessary.

It wasn’t classy or christian.


Some of our thoughts are best kept to ourselves.

When will we learn?

The thing about being real or genuine is this:

What we say or do off the cuff                 stop

Shows who we really are.


It’s those words that slip out accidentally that show who we truly are.

It’s the action we take when no one is looking that shows us who we are in reality.

Are we generous?

What do we do when no one is looking and a needy person comes by for help?

Do we love our kids?

How do we treat them when they do something irritating and no is around to watch our reaction to them?

Do we love our spouse?

If no one is looking or within earshot, what do we say to them when they do the irritating thing…again?

These are tests of real.

Our kids and grandkids know this better than anyone!