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photo: weekly snaps graphic: Martha G. Brady

photo: weekly snaps
graphic: Martha G. Brady


When I am weak, then I am strong

In the strength GOD provides.


What does that mean?

I need to acknowledge my weakness

Before GOD and others.


Acknowledging that I am weak in GOD’s eyes

Is usually easier.

Depending on the setting,

my admissions of weakness can be more difficult

in front of other people.           stop


Do I know them well?

Do I know they care for me?

Have they hurt me in the past?

These affect my ability to be open and vulnerable.


It is also part of my weakness.

It is an area where I need GOD to overcome my weakness

With His strength, as I show my weakness in vulnerability.

By opening up myself to hurt as I show myself and who I honestly am.

The good parts of who I am, that is.


That means when I show who I really am, if someone doesn’t like me,

It hurts!

They’re not rejecting a mask of me.

They’re rejecting me!


It feels like I will die.

But GOD’s strength will be there even then.

It only feels like I will die.

It is painful. But it won’t kill me.


Once again, GOD’s strength will be with me…

Along with His all-sufficient grace, compassion, mercy and love.

Thanks be to GOD