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photo: Martha G. Brady

photo: Martha G. Brady


It’s a word  most of us hate.

As women, we live with it all the time.

It is woven into our lives.


We wait for that special guy to notice us.

We wait for children to arrive.

First, we wait to get pregnant…most of the time.

Then we wait for months to see the baby face to face.


For some of us, waiting doesn’t come naturally.

We like to sneak a look at the end of books to see the end of the story

While we are reading it.

I’m sure there are a few who are happy to wait.

I was never one of them!


These days, I encourage women to wait once again.


They wonder if the teaching they do with their children is doing any good.     stop

“Are they learning to love Jesus more from being around me?” they ask.

They know their own flaws, their weaknesses.

So do their kids.

It doesn’t look like anything they say or do is registering.


I tell them to wait. Keep at it.

GOD is working in the lives of their children as they love them.

As they live before them in a genuine and honest way.

As they fail…and admit it.

As they get to know Jesus and love His Word and His people.

They are doing GOD’s work, no matter how mundane it looks!


So is the community of believers that they worship with.

Seeds are being planted.

A day is coming when you will see fruit coming from all the planting.

But it won’t be today or tomorrow.

You will have to wait and watch while GOD does His work in the heart of your child.


Then, when fruit comes, you will step back and say

“WOW, this didn’t come from me. This was something special that GOD did!”

“He did something wonderful in the life of my child that was different and

Better than I would have dreamed.”

What a grace!


**The photo was taken a few years ago. It was from a series of photos I tried to take of these 3 cousins. They were unable to all be still at the same time, for one photo. This was the best of many. It’s a funny series. They do much better now! They are now in high school and junior high!