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photo: Martha G. Brady

photo: Martha G. Brady

I know, you thought you were going to see a boatload of snapshots didn’t you? But here’s the thing. I go to these events and I do and see and forget I have my phone most of the time. So I don’t get all the really cool photos of things I saw and loved.

That’s what I’ll tell you about. The other problem is that the photos I do take don’t capture what I want them to. They just can’t!

So here is what happened last Sunday afternoon. Our church has something called “Heyday”. It is a combination of a bunch of things.

We collect candy for the children and many come dressed in costume to trick or treat.

It is also a chili cook-off. There is also food available for people to eat and enjoy in addition.

It is also a fun afternoon for our church family to get together and invite friends from the community as well.

Mostly, it is a time for us to put into practice the motto of our church: Learning to Experience and Express Grace. Grace is shorthand for the love of God as found in Christ Jesus!

If you are against this kind of thing at Halloween, please hold off on your judgement and read on.

Here are some of my snapshots:

1. Band playing in the background in the parking lawn providing fun music near some of the recreational activities.

2. Absolutely beautiful day...not too hot…well, maybe a little warm for the Fall.

3. Huge mix of ages…lots of tables and chairs for older adults, families to sit when tired from walking around the booths. or to land at for eating.

4. 4-6 booths (sorry, I didn’t count them, I was manning one myself!) where little cups of chili were being served along with candy and popcorn for children…and anyone else who wanted some:)

5. Lots of hugging, laughing, chatting, visiting all around the place over food, children, families both old friends and new ones. Some were sitting on the grass as their kids played and they chatted with friends. others stood as they waited for kids to get off a balloon house or slide.

6. Right now, our church is full of expecting moms so they were everywhere along with brand new babies and littles of all sizes.

7. My hair dresser and family came! I was so excited. She cuts hair for lots of people in our church and she and her family came and knew lots of people.

8. Another sweet snapshot is the group of 4 or 5 Down’s Syndrome girls that come together each year. I think they are friends of one of the girls in our church. They always come and have such fun. Late in the day, they were on the grass dancing to the music. Sweet photo! I wish I was able to take it.

9. Loved all the shades and colors represented by families involved in various ways at our church as well as visitors from outside. All were welcomed and loved on. All felt part of the family. I watched from my booth. It was so sweet to see all the children happy in their costumes. Some were very shy to ask for candy, but they were welcomed and loved!

10. I almost forgot the most interesting photo I didn’t get! Our senior pastor, our janitor and the woman who is our assistant Children’s Ministry Coordinator cleaning the bathroom after some toilets overflowed. She was inside mopping. The men were outside wet vacuuming the carpets.

We don’t think of that work as being part of ministry but it is a huge part of it! When there is a big event, it seems there is always an overflowing toilet that has to be cleaned up and NOW! That is also part of ministering grace to those we love in our churches as well. No, it isn’t the most glamorous part, but it a very important part for sure!

I don’t know what part you play in your local church, but whatever it is…public, private or a bit of both, realize that all are needed to convey the love of Christ to your local Body!

And isn’t that what we want to convey to others when they come to our churches?


That we want them to be there…no matter who they are, no matter what their past or present?


We are glad they are here and we care for them!