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photo: Martha G. Brady

photo: Martha G. Brady

These verses and the time we’ve been studying I John, have reminded me of how much of a gift, love is.

We expect it from everyone around us and we give it…or think we do. But the truth is that apart from GOD’s common grace, there would be no love in this world apart from Christians, true believers in Christ.

Is there any love shown apart from them? Yes, in a common grace way. But the real, sacrificial love will come from believers. Will all believers show this kind of love? No, not to the degree we would like. They are learning and growing. They will mature. They all start from different places on the continuum of even knowing how to show it.

But as Christians, one of our characteristics is to love… each other and the world around us. It was Christians that brought us hospitals where the sick could be treated and cared for in a clean setting. Christians who ministered to the poor and imprisoned and made prisons more humane places where there wouldn’t be disease and where prisoners could be safe.

Christians were also involved in ministering to  the poor, widowed and weak over the centuries. But in more recent years, we have often gotten too preoccupied with our jobs and personal interests to be involved in this kind of mission outreach nearby our homes.

Take a look at I Corinthians 13. It is wedged in between I Corinthians 12 and 14 where the gifts of the Spirit are discussed. Just before chapter 13 starts, it says, “but earnestly desire the best gifts…”

Of course, Christ’s life demonstrated love through and through…as did His death for us! It was a death He didn’t deserve…at all! But it was the only way we could be redeemed!

Are you able to love people who are not easy to love?

…much less like?


Have you seen growth in your ability to love?


Ask GOD to continue to gift you with the love you need to love the unloveable people in your life as you move toward them. He is the source of love. You just don’t have it in you naturally.