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photo: © adrenalinapura -

photo: © adrenalinapura –

To dare is also to be brave.

Of course we think of those who are blatantly brave…

Soldiers who defend us,

Fathers who stand up for us when someone tries to break in.


But most often, the brave ones are those who are quietly brave.

The child born with disabilities that cause her to struggle each day

To do the things most of us do easily.


The mom who carries a child she knows will die soon after birth.

Or the mom who tolerates all manner of inconvenience and discomfort

During a high risk pregnancy just so she can have a child.


It is a risk. It is daring.

It could all end in failure and grief!


The person who goes to school and dares to be different in an atmosphere

Of adversity, even hatred…and endures, even thrives?

This person is brave and daring!


Or the man who lovingly cares for his ailing wife trapped in the prison of dementia.

Her awareness of who he is, is rarely present anymore,

But the love he has for her keeps him at her side…

The one he promised to love ’til death parted them.               STOP


These and many others are the ones who are brave and daring!

Often, we don’t even realize how much courage it takes for them to do what they are doing.

They even have days when they feel they can’t go on…they think they have lost their courage.

But soon it is back. Another night of rest. A short nap and a meal…


The visit of a friend…fresh encouragement from GOD’s Word…

They are rejuvenated. Their brave has returned…for a time.

They can embrace the challenge of this moment!

That is all they need for now.

GOD is good.