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photo: Martha G. Brady

photo: Martha G. Brady

prompt: new


is there anything as fresh and new as a brand new baby?

well, at first they are a mess of course.

but after they are cleaned up

and wrapped in a warm blanket?


you, as the mom,

immediately open the blanket and

study their little body

with wonder.


she is here.

she is safe.

you count her little fingers and toes.

you look at each little crevice on her body

and see pieces of different family members.


what a wonder!

what sweetness!

yes, you are tired.

but it is the best kind of tired in the world!


curled within your arms lies a brand new life!

she is unmarred by sin in overt ways. fresh and new.

she hasn’t had any experiences yet that have hurt her feelings,

or made her blissfully happy.

she is a bundle of newness.                                               STOP


you are a parent who has the ability to hurt her deeply

or encourage her to do great things.

you will have the opportunity to teach her about GOD

and model Him for her.

as her natural propensity to sin rears its ugly head,

you will be training her and teaching her.


will you do it well?

many days you won’t.

even on your best days, you won’t be great at it.

but some day, you hope that GOD will work in her heart

to show her that she needs Him to do life.


yes, He will use you and your husband.

but He will use others as well.

and as you raise her,

you will learn how much you need Him too.

this is not a job you can do alone.