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Do you ever have days when you long to sit down with an old friend

With that favorite drink in your hand

To catch up on what has been happening ?


Those times hit me…

Often a year or so after the dust has started to settle from a move.


The longing has been there lately.

The phone just doesn’t do it.

It would be better than nothing.


But sitting down, eye to eye, face to face.

Laughing, remembering,

Catching up on news of our kids and grandkids…

As we remember what they were like when they were younger.

We laugh again.


It’s hard to believe those same children are the kinds of parents they are now.

The ones we thought would be laid back are more strict.

The ones we thought might be strict are more laid back.

It is fun to watch.


Then we get down to the nitty-gritty question.

How are things with you?

That is the hard question.

It is difficult to know where to start.


To wade through each detail is way too gloomy sometimes.

And it really doesn’t cover the truth of what has been happening.

The old friends know that.


They know your propensity to ramble on…and on and on.

They know you can get way too gloomy if you go on.

And that isn’t really the truth anyway.


How are things with you?

Honestly, they are a mix.

I take a deep breath.


I have to start with the good things,

The blessings.

They are the truth.


If I don’t start with them, I get overcome.

I forget to pass on the good news.

The happy things,

The funny things.

They are true and good.


Then I go to the sad and gloomy.

Time is running out.

I am getting tired of talking.

It is a good thing.


Dwelling on the gloomy is not good for me…or anyone!

It is good to bring it up and know they are willing to hear it.

But in small doses.

It overwhelms me and those I love.

And the overwhelming part of the gloom is a lie.


GOD has been good and faithful.

I need to look and see His fingerprints in all the special places in my life.


My blessings don’t simply consist of a good place to live in,

Children and grandchildren who live nearby,

Relative good health and the ability to live an active life,

The fact that my husband and I are still together in this life.

For now, that is good and wonderful.


But someday, these may not describe my life.

They haven’t always.

Then will GOD no longer be faithful?


Will He no longer be providing for my needs?

Will He no longer be good?

No, NO, NO

Of course not!


I say that now as I sit here in good health

With my husband nearby.

But I realize that will not always be so.

Even then, He will still be good.


I say that now in faith.

I will say it then by faith too.

Even though I won’t feel it.


GOD is good.

GOD is faithful

GOD provides for all our needs.


Just as He met the needs of Abraham, Isaac, Jacob…

And Joseph! (we’ve been studying his life in Sunday School)


We read the lives of those people and are amazed at how he provided for them…

Forgetting that He is doing it now for us.

Thank You Lord!