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prompt: tell


The next generation needs to know about our faith.

In this culture, it is easy

Not to tell them.


There is so much noise…

TV, computers and phones

Movies and all the din

Keep us all distracted and busy.


As a culture,

We are giving them a message

That there are no absolutes.


That the most important thing is now.

That the best thing to do is to go along with the crowd.

That being different is not a good thing to be,

Especially if that difference has to do with Jesus

Or is based on an objective standard of truth.


It is up to us to tell our kids,

and our grandkids

The truth of GOD’s Word.

The truth that they were created by GOD

In His image and as such, have incredible value.


That mankind sinned and fell and

we don’t meet the standard GOD has set for us…

Perfection…and we never will.                   STOP


That Jesus Christ did!

He lived the perfect life we couldn’t

And died as a perfect sacrifice for our sin.

Now our sinful record is His

And His perfect one is ours.


Guilt no longer has to plague us.

Forgiveness is ours through Christ our advocate.

This is good news.


But it is easy to get so busy we forget to tell them

In a meaningful way.

Eye to eye, heart to heart.


This news is too important to miss.

They need to know it, to understand it.

They need to be aware that GOD loves them…

And we love them too…no matter what!


That our faith is not a list of rules…

It is a relationship with God…through Jesus!

Keep on telling it…

With your words, with your life, and with your love.