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Photo: © alswart -

Photo: © alswart –

After four years, Five Minute Friday has a new address.  Click here for the new home for FMF.  It is with Kate Matuong now instead of Lisa Jo Baker.

I’m hoping Fellowship Friday will be back in business this week.  Christian Mommy Blogger blog has been down a little over a week now because it was hacked while she was trying to update the blog!

word prompt: FILL


I ride on empty for so long

Then some little thing happens

To remind me

That I’ve stopped feeling.


I’ve been trying to  be a robot so I don’t have to feel anymore.

No, I don’t want to be this way.

It is just a bad habit.

Worse…sinful habit.  There, I said it.

Bad habits + overcommittment =lack of feeling


It might be better to say, lack of paying attention to feelings,

Ignoring nudgings from the Spirit,


Living like I care what poeple think.

When my goal is to live like I care what GOD thinks.   STOP


But some days it is easier to shut down and go numb

Rather than feel.

It is easier to run on empty

Rather than admit to my Father

How empty I am.


How much I need His filling.

How much I need His grace.

How much I need to change

Admit my need for Him.


Even though he loves me in the middle of my mess!

He just loves me too much to let me stay there.

Thank you GOD that you love me that much!

#Fellowship Friday