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Photo: Martha G. Brady

Photo: Martha G. Brady


This is part of the passage we will be discussing on Monday in more detail.  What a great reminder!

GOD is light!  He is morally pure and undefiled.  He is also light in the sense that there is no shadow near Him.  In one place in the Old Testament, it talks about the fact that He leaves no shadow when He turns! (Whoops! It is in James. The term “no shadow of turning is in the KJV, not the newer ones.) I think the point is that He is so full of light, there is no darkness about Him.

It is stunning to think about.  Then to think that He would associate with us!  As a result of His work on the cross, Jesus provided for our salvation.  Legally, our record is clean and pure because He exchanged records with us.  Ours was hopelessly inadequate!  Actually, it was worse than that!

And even now, as we fail in our everyday lives, we can go to Him for forgiveness.  He not only forgives, He purifies. And just in case any of us is tempted to think we don’t sin…or no longer sin?  He is reminding us that we are so wrong!

More details Monday.