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Photo: Martha G. Brady

Photo: Martha G. Brady

This is on the edge of our I John series on Mondays.  The verse today is the one that contrasts with I John 5:13 that talk about why the book was written.  There are many comparisons that make them similar.

The main difference is that the book of John was written so that people who didn’t know GOD could learn about Jesus the promised messiah and if there was any doubt, He was the Son of GOD, the second person of the Trinity! By reading the Gospel of John, they could learn about this Jesus and believe in Him.

I John is written to those who already believe so they can know for sure that they are believers (if they are). During those times when you are doubting that you are part of the family.  Doubting that you belong to Christ because you see how much you fail.  How much you need Him?  I John is where you need to go for the objective facts.  Read the book that is for you!

Find GOD in Jesus Christ or find the assurance you need in Christ.  It will start with reading one of those books…and internalizing the truth you find there.

Have you found life in the Person of Jesus?