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Deep within the heart of each of us

Is that desire to belong.

We want to be part of a group

That loves us for who we are.

Our family, our school,

Our community, our society.


We want to make a mark and be loved

By a group…somewhere.

Ideally, we will find that love in our home.

We will be loved by both parents and our siblings.

But no relationships are perfect.


As we grow, we want to be part of groups

At school, we want to be accepted.                   STOP

There is never a time

When we receive all the love and acceptance we would like.

Not in this world.

None of the people we love are capable

Of giving it to the degree we would like

As often as we would love it.



In His mercy, in the person of Jesus Christ, came to earth

He gave us the love we wanted and needed,

in places we didn’t even know we needed it.


He provided forgiveness for us.

Something we didn’t always feel the need for.

And He gave it to us before we could “clean ourselves up”

He gave grace to those of us who least deserved it.

Because none of us did!


Now, we are part of His family.

We are loved…even at our worst!

Thank you GOD!

Five Minute Friday