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photo: dreamstime21733099

photo: dreamstime21733099

Now as they went on their way, Jesus entered a village.

And a woman named Martha welcomed him into her house.  And she had a sister called Mary,

who sat at the Lord’s feet and listened to his teaching.  


But Martha was distracted with much serving.

And she went up to him and said,

“Lord, do you not care that my sister has left me to serve alone?

Tell her then to help me.”  


But the Lord answered her, 

“Martha, Martha, you are anxious and troubled about many things, 

but one thing is necessary. 

Mary has chosen the good portion,

which will not be taken away from her.”  


Luke 10:38-42


Part I is here.

Mary chose the good portion and she won’t lose it

Then He ended it with this promise: Mary has chosen the good portion that will not be taken from her.

Make a conscious choice in each situation, to glorify GOD…

that takes wisdom from HIM.

It sounds like there is a choice all along the way…even when we are doing important things that must be done.  We can do them in such a way that will lead to stress and anxiety…for us and those around us.  Or we can do them in a way that shows a heart that is calm, not distracted by too much serving.

Mary seemed to understand what was important and where she needed to spend her time.  And that is what she did.  She didn’t allow the huffing and puffing of others around her to intimidate her.

Do you know what I mean by that?  Have you had people in your life who pant and sigh and wait for you to ask what is wrong? Then they suck you into all their problems?  You can sympathize without getting sucked in.  It is a form of manipulation for some.  Don’t take on more of their distress than is appropriate…

which is none!  Just because they are huffing and puffing, doesn’t mean you have to make them happy!  Just because they are distressed, doesn’t mean you must be.  It’s important to realize this.  Jesus modeled this for Martha very well!

Be wise like Mary.  Do the things GOD has laid out for you to do.  Be appropriately wise in taking on projects GOD wants you involved in.

It is easy to feed your personal gods to show yourself off

Remember, it is very easy to take on good looking projects that feed gods you worship.  Some of them are the desire to be the best cook or baker or entertainer or hostess.  Others include the desire to be the most giving, helping, loving, self-less person.

All are good things.

The way you can tell whether your motivation is one of glorifying GOD or glorifying yourself is whether you are upset, stressed, agitated when in the middle of them…especially when you aren’t suitably appreciated for what you have done.

I have so been there!  I have suffered jaw pain to show for it!  Oh my!

Can you do the project and still be happy and enjoy it if no one thanks you?  That’s a sign you’re doing it for GOD’s glory, not yours.

Where are you choosing the good like Mary did?


Where does GOD need to bring change

to your life specifically?

Ask Him to give you the “want-to” for the change as well as the help to change in the ways He wants.

Then keep moving on

repenting when your motives prove to be mixed or poor.

Christ is always ready to forgive and help us in our weakness!  And isn’t that the part we most often hate about coming to him and admitting our failures?  He knows the extent of our failure more than we are able to face ourselves.  He already paid for that sin on the cross…and forgave it.  Now it is our turn to acknowledge it.  To look at it for what it is…another offense against Him.  Another one of many!

No, we don’t deserve any of His favor.  None of it!  And that is what grace is all about…it is about GOD’s unmerited favor!  We can’t measure up to become christians.  We can’t even measure up to live the christian life after we become christians.  We’re a mess…without Christ.  We must run to Him for forgiveness and cleansing and enabling AS we live the christian life just as we do to become part of His family.  Don’t ever get over it!