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photo: © RFSole -

photo: © RFSole –

Yes, I know this isn’t a hymn.  But I put it in, partly because it goes with the Memorial Day theme really well from yesterday and partly because Mia, one of our 5 year old granddaughters sang it with her class at their recent end of the year program at school.

As a result, whenever I mention Minnesota or Houston or Tennessee, she starts in on the song!

It is a great song to help us appreciate the people that have sacrificed, often died to keep us free.

Now, there are countries in many parts of the world who are struggling to do the same.  It is not an easy job!

We, as a nation, are discovering that we have no special blessing from GOD if we as individuals don’t carefully manage the gifts He has given us.  We have taken much for granted.  All of us.

And we will lose the wonderful gift of freedom if we don’t work together, be honest with each other and forgive our enemies…to name a few.

Let us move forward, trusting GOD for the future and repenting of the sins of the past!