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photo: © Kati Molin -

photo: © Kati Molin –

Do you ever move along through life and deep down, feel very lonely?

Yes, you have friends.

But at times, you just don’t feel very close to people?

I feel that way…at times!

It isn’t an always kind of thing.



I suspect the root of it has to do with being away from home

For large segments of time during my high school years.

But I also moved a lot during the very early years of my life.

After 3 stable years in New York State

We moved to Ft. Lauderdale, FL

…when I was 7!

Where I lived from then on.



Closeness comes from feeling secure and settled in relationships.    STOP

On one level, we may feel it

If we have parents, extended family and close friends who are nearby

Who we keep up with.

Who love us and know how to show it as we grow up.



But on another level

We need to know our relationship with GOD is secure and settled.

We need to know we are close with Him.

Are we His child?

Does He truly care for us…no matter what?

How do we know?


The book of I John is written for that very purpose.

It is written so we can know for sure that we are believers…or not!

Are we part of the family of GOD?

How do we know for sure?

There are 3 tests mentioned.

The moral test: Are we righteous/obedient to the commands of Christ?

The social test: Do we love others? (christians and non-christians)

The doctrinal test: Is our trust for salvation in Christ alone and do we believe that Jesus Christ is GOD, the second person of the Trinity?

As we allow the Holy Spirit to test us, we will become more securely grounded

In our trust in GOD and our relationship with Christ.


We won’t be perfect in this broken world.

But we will be growing in grace as we cooperate with GOD’s work in our lives.

Closeness will come as we abide in the Vine.

Are you secure (in a good way) in your relationship to GOD?


What will it take for you to believe the truth of your secure relationship with Him…if you are a child of GOD?

~~~ The near quotes re the tests above are found in The Epistles of John by James Montgomery Boice, 1979.  It is a project I’m starting for the summer.  Working my way through these epistles along with his help.  I just read them and they were still in my head.


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