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what is the word grateful doing here in may?

we’re too busy to stop and be grateful.

there are graduations and events to attend

school is finishing up

teachers are tired

so are the kids for that matter

don’t even talk to the parents!

and we’re supposed to talk about being grateful?


but wait!

grateful isn’t something we only stop to do

like at Thanksgiving.

is gratefulness merely writing thank you notes?

or saying, “Thank you”

or even stopping to pray and thank GOD?


it can be

but as in all outward expressions

those can be perfunctory

or they can be true expressions of how we feel.

how do we feel when the gift is not what we wanted or expected?


whether the gift is from a loved one or from GOD

whether it is a big gift like a child…or the lack of one

a good husband…or lack of one

the presence of a job…or not

or something small like a present for Christmas or birthday?

these are tests of our hearts                      stop


the tests are more for us than for GOD

are they grateful or not?

He already knows what is there in our hearts

we live in denial about it all the time.

the circumstances that come into our lives show us

the truth of what is there.

the entitlement thinking, selfishness, self-serving,

comfort-loving desires of our hearts.

we are much more about us and ours.

much less about others and giving.


we need to face honestly what is present in us

and turn to Christ

thankful that at the cross

He clothed us in His righteousness

to make us accepted into the family of GOD.


We belong

by grace alone

not by our good works

but purely by His grace.


do we do the right thing all the time?


but we are in the family.

just as we don’t throw our own children

out of the family when they mess up.

He is the same.

He is maturing us

so we will one day be fully mature

and perfect

in the new heaven

He is preparing for us.



Five Minute Friday 


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