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photo: Martha G. Brady

photo: Martha G. Brady

A mess…

A jumble of memories,

Trash, junk, craft supplies, files…

Rolled together into drawers and shelves…

Over years of time.


Some of the mess has sentimental value only to us.

When we are gone, it will mean nothing to our kids.

Even now, they probably wonder why

We can’t seem to just throw it away and forget it.


But part of the problem is that everything is mixed together.

That’s what makes it a mess.

The valuable (to us) is mixed with the junk.

The more we move, the more it all gets tossed together.

We think we will take time to sort it after we move…

But when we settle, we don’t want to think about sorting ever again!


Until the next move.

Now there is no room to move it out of our way.

There is no garage.

There are no large closets.

We have reached the end of the line.       STOP


We have to deal with all of it.


It is all here to sort…

With some overflow at our daughter’s garage.


GOD help us.

The chickens have come home to roost!



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