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photo: iStock1673165

photo: iStock1673165

Am I willing to pause from my To Do list and wait and listen for Jesus…

Through the din and noise of my life?

Above the racket of my computer, online friendships, info gathering and self-improvement.

To face my own bankrupt self before the Holy GOD of the Universe.

The One who Created everything…the world, the universe…the rules?


Am I willing to submit my will to His?

Even if it means turning ofF the TV? the computer?

Making time for the unlovable…who may even live in my own house!

Or be in my extended family?  Or live next door?


Am I willing to stop comparing myself to others around me who reinforce my own self-rightousness?

And look instead at this GOD whose holiness and hugeness will stop me short?      

Many in the past, were deeply affected by this exercise.                               STOP


Isaiah was undone…and keenly aware of his unclean lips!

Job’s mouth was shut after chapters of telling GOD how good he was.

After GOD reminded him of who HE was, Job’s response?

I had heard of you by the hearing of the ear,
    but now my eye sees you;
 therefore I despise myself,
    and repent in dust and ashes.”

Job 42:5-6

These are two mentioned in Scripture who had a glimpse of GOD and His holiness.

They were no longer impressed by their goodness.

They were willing to change.  To put aside long held attitudes.


During this lenten season, as we think ahead to the wonderful gift of grace

Given us by the One who made up all the rules.

Who could have wiped all of us out.

But didn’t.


He reached out in grace to those who would believe Him.

Those who would believe that His payment on the cross alone, was enough.

It was enough to pay for our sin that is even more putrid and rotten

Than we could ever dream in our worst nightmare!


And for many of us, the only reason we don’t act some of it out

Is because we don’t want to pay the consequences for being caught!

It’s not truly a hatred of the sin.

Or a love of holiness and rightousness.


The news for us is horrendously bad.

And we need to look hard at this side of it.

Willing to look at our sin?


But we’re under grace now, aren’t we?

Yes, but until we truly believe and understand the really awful news about ourselves,

We can’t really appreciate how good, the good news of the gospel is!


We can’t look at our sinfulness alone or we will be overwhelmed.

But in the light of the grace of GOD.

The redemption of Christ for us provided on the cross.

The free provision of His righteousness provided for us.

THEN we can live in this time of Lent and change.


Not in order to earn good favor from GOD.

But because of how little we deserve it.

How freely it was provided.

How much it cost Him!


Thanks be to GOD for His indescribable gift!

Five Minute Friday