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photo: © WimL -

photo: © WimL –

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The word for FMF is HERO.



They conjur in my mind those with superhuman abilities

Flying over skyscrapers, leaping over tall buildings,

Catching the bad guys before they do much damage.

We don’t see that kind of hero much…

Except on TV or in comic books.


The kind we are more likely to see are the regular kind…the unsung heroes.

We see them in our communities.  The homes where kids seem to gather.

Where they know they are wanted and accepted.

Where someone is home and will greet them with a smile.


We also find them at schools volunteering to help kids learn to read,

Understand math,

Generally get the help they need with school

That their parents can’t help them with.


And those who foster children?

They take on children that might have had problems under the best of situations.

Only these children have been passed around from one home to another.

They don’t know where they will land.

They are in great pain…and often lash out.


Many families are taking in extra children to love

Because they want them to know the love of Christ! 

It is a special calling for sure, but these people are truly unsung heroes.    STOP

At times, they even adopt these kids,

Giving them another step toward security in a lonely world.


There are those who care for struggling or ill family members,

Often at great inconvenience to themselves.

Or the people who care for the ill and dying in hospice or homes.

These are sad and lonely jobs as one is constantly saying final good-byes to their patients.


There are many around us that we don’t notice who are often ignored,

But are giving of themselves to love and care for others who are in need,

Usually at the cost of their own convenience.

These are my heroes.

They are touching others with the love of Jesus as they minister.


If you are near or are being served by one of these heroes,

Take a minute to thank them.

They obviously don’t do it for the accolades.

That doesn’t mean they won’t enjoy hearing “Thank you!

I see the touch of Jesus in what you are doing.”


What about you?

Are you giving out to others…

showing the love of Christ to them?

…even in small ways?