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pauseI’m going to write a very short and sweet post today. I WAS going to skip it altogether, but decided to write a really short one.

I’ve been fighting off germs, traveling (twice) and am now fighting off more germs and dealing with some health issues. They don’t seem serious but I’m just in the middle of appointments and weariness. Not a good combo for getting posts written…or getting new habits started either!

My high weight of 170 pounds (I’ve rounded it off by a pound) is now down to a slightly more palatable number, but not one I plan to stay at for long.  Considering I weighed in at 130 at the peak of my pregnancies and for years we about 110, you can imagine my horror at this number when I read the scale!

Unlike the earlier years, eating less seems to have little effect on the number…nor does exercise.  The fat just sits on my belly in front of me and taunts me!  Right now, my house is a mess, I’m dragging around, taking extra naps and have an appointment in the morning for a test.

The voice in my head is not the voice of grace!  It hounds and condemns, reminding me of my failures and shortcomings.  It is not the voice of GOD.

I’ve had years that started off like this…and I hate it! I want to get my life in order, throw things out, give them away and generally lessen the amount of stuff I have. I want to make good use of my January.  Evidently, that isn’t the timing GOD has planned for me right now.

So, I’ll have to just chill for a bit longer, eat as healthy as possible and manage as well as I can.  I’m hoping to be rid of this mess that I’ve been fighting off and on since after Thanksgiving!

Dealing with obstacles in the way of reaching our goals

If you’re trimming an area of fat in your life, keep at it. But if there are blocks that you can’t control, do what you can and continue dealing with the things you can’t control for now. Baby steps are better than no steps at all, but if no steps seem to be what you are being pressed into…let it go…for now.

As a believer, you know that GOD is in control of your life…whether you feel like you are or not! You may not have control of the things you want to right now. That doesn’t make you any more or less acceptable to GOD.

He loves you. You are already part of His family. So cuddle in and rest, if that is what He is calling you to do for now. There is time to clean, fix, change and organize.  Rest and replenish if that is what GOD is making you do for now.

If not, keep on the path of change.  Persevere in small, unseen ways.  Don’t give up.  Keep at it.  Those small, almost imperceptible changes will bear fruit.